2020 marks the 44th year of an incredible collection of instructors and students coming together from all over the United States and Canada for learning, carving, comradeship and a great time.

To promote and continue the art of woodcarving, the Mid-America Woodcarvers Association began the Doane Woodcarving Experience at Doane, a unique week of woodcarving instruction located on the beautiful Doane University campus in Crete, Nebraska.

Annually, talented instructors and students are brought together for an intensive week of instruction and carving. 

The Doane Woodcarving Experience offers instruction in several classes, representing several techniques and styles of carving to choose from. Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and  advanced carvers.

In our ongoing effort to provide students with the best carving opportunities, we are proud to welcome back many of our past instructors. 

Mark your calendars!
On February 1, 2020, Class descriptions will be  available, and enrollment will begin.

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2019 Projects
July 19 - July 25, 2020
Click the photo above to watch a video about  the  2018 MAWA Woodcarving Experience at Doane
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